Small Specklebelly Sunfish (New Hybrid Sunfish)
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Traditional Hybrid bream populations are 90 to 95% male and are made by crossing a green sunfish female with a male bluegill. While these hybrid bream have limited reproductive potential which allows them to get big, they will eventually produce a generation of offspring resembling green sunfish in appearance and biology and should not be mixed with regular bluegill or coppernose.

Specklebelly Sunfish are a new hybrid sunfish with populations that are 95 to 99% male and do not use green sunfish as a parent species. They have extremely limited reproduction and any offspring that are produced will not resemble green sunfish. Specklebelly Sunfish are a fun and safe addition to any fishing pond. They readily take feed, are fun to catch and will get big.


Small Specklebelly Sunfish are approximately 1 to 3 inches in length. For more information on Specklebelly Sunfish follow this link.  

Small Specklebelly Sunfish (New Hybrid Sunfish)

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