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Welcome to the J.M. Malone and Son, Inc. Online Retail Store for Pondstocking in the State of Louisiana and Arkansas!

In addition to our national network of independant retailers, J.M. Malone and Son, Inc. offers retail pondstocking throughout the State of Louisiana and Arkansas. Free delivery of fish is available to particpating feed stores in Shreveport, Stonewall, Mansfield, Alexandria, West Monroe and Lafayette. Orders over $1000 are eligible for free home delivery in Louisiana if they are on our route. Home delivery is available for a per mile fee in Arkansas. Competitive bid quotes are available for large volumes of fish to be delivered in Louisiana, Arkansas and surrounding States. J.M. Malone and Son, Inc. does not currently ship fish via air freight, FedEx or UPS.

Spring 2018 Louisiana Delivery Schedule

September-Home Delivery Available

Feb. 16th and 17th - Place your order by Feb. 9th

March 16th and 17th - Place your order byMarch 9th 

April 13th and 14th - Place your order by April 6th

May 11th and 12th - Place your order by May 4th

June 8th and 9th - Place your order by June 1st


Fall 2017 Arkansas Delivery Schedule

Place an order online or call 501-676-0207. Our pond consultant will contact you to arrange a delivery date to fit your schedule.

No Credit Card Required!

No credit card is required to place an order. Once you receive your fish you may pay with cash or check. We no longer accept credit cards*

Save up to 10% by ordering online!

We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. No credit card required! Customers placing fish orders though our online store and paying C.O.D. save up to 10% over customers placing orders over the phone. Discounts do not apply to custom quotes or home deliveries outside of the advertised Louisiana or Arkansas delivery routes.

Our Process

While most fish trucks travel from feed store to feed store, day after day selling fish on speculation, J.M. Malone and Son, Inc. operates on a pre-order basis. We collect orders for scheduled monthly deliveries allowing our customers to make informed decisions as to how to stock their ponds. Next we carefully harvest the fish required for each delivery and allow them to rest in our holding facility at least one week prior to shipment. As the delivery date approaches we contact each customer to confirm their order and the date, time and location of the delivery. We load our delivery truck on a Thursday afternoon and deliver all of our fish on Friday and Saturday. Each order is pre counted and isolated on the truck to reduce handling of the fish once we arrive at the scheduled delivery site. With the exception of home deliveries, all fish are packaged at the store into plastic bags with water and oxygen for the trip to your pond. Fish scheduled for home delivery are carefully tempered on our truck using your pond water prior to release. Payment is accepted only after you have received your fish and are satisfied with their condition. All fish losses are handled on a case by case basis.

We don't just sell fish, we sell fishing!

J.M. Malone and Son, Inc. understands the delicate balance required to create the perfect fishing pond. Therefore, we offer five distinct pond stocking packages designed by our Fish Biologist to create self sustaining balanced fishing ponds. Whether you want to create a trophy bass pond or a simple fishing pond for your grandkids, you can save up to 25% by buying a pond package rather than buying fish by the 100. If you have a pond larger than 5 acres you can save even more by requesting a competitive bid quote with volume pricing!

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